5 US Destinations perfect for a budget-friendly vacation

5 US Destinations perfect for a budget-friendly vacation

Have you been thinking of a vacation but soaring airfares and exorbitant hotel prices keep you postponing it?  There is good news for you; some pocket-friendly US destinations can offer you memorable vacation experiences within your budget. From charming beach towns in Miami to the cultural and historic city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, we have listed a couple of incredible places which can be perfect family-friendly or romantic getaways for you, depending on what exactly you are looking for in your vacation.

Atlanta, Georgia

Irrespective of the interests you have, Atlanta, the vibrant capital city of Georgia, promises to offer myriad indulgences to cater to everyone. From an impressive aquarium to a diverse range of parks, museums, and family-friendly attractions, find flights to Atlanta is a perfect destination where vacation seekers get plenty of things to see and do. You can head towards the Chattahoochee River Recreational Area for endless outdoor fun and adventure, including hiking trails, fishing, and rafting. Or explore the spectacular Georgia Aquarium, which is the world’s largest aquarium. The city offers numerous ways that can help you plan a memorable budget-friendly weekend getaway with an array of shopping, arts, cultural and musical experiences.

The Finger Lakes, New York

New York’s largest wine-producing region with over 100 wineries and vineyards, the Finger Lakes is one of the most underrated destinations in the US. Generally, Napa valley or Bordeaux comes to mind if you think about a wine-filled getaway. However, you can consider the scenic and charming Finger Lakes Region, giving you an equally exciting experience without making a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy wine tasting sessions in surrounding wineries like Ravine Wine Cellars and Fox Run Vineyards. But the Finger Lakes region is not only about wines and vineyards. It has a bustling downtown district and various cultural attractions, such as Smith Opera House and beautiful historic houses displaying the architectural grandeur of this region, check more New York vacation Ideas as well for 2021 summer.

Portland, Maine

Portland, situated on Maine’s southern coast along Casco Bay, was recently voted one of the coziest American cities. Maine’s largest city might be counted as a not so affordable destination in the peak summer season, but it is certainly reasonable in late spring and early fall. The hub of economy, business and tourism, in the region, Portland is evolving as a popular travel destination, attracting a good number of out-of-state visitors.  One must visit some popular attractions while in Portland, such as the charming coastal town- Cape Elizabeth, with a famous lighthouse and Lobster Shack at Two Lights. The popular beach towns like Kennebunkport and Rockport are also located nearby Portland, which you can always explore. 

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, the bustling capital of Rhode Island, is often outshined by its more happening neighbor, Boston. Located at the northern tip of Narragansett Bay, Providence is an incredible city that can be a wallet-friendly destination for a great weekend gateway. The city boasts a rich history, thriving art, and magnificent architecture. Old Downtown with historic architectural marvels is worth exploring. Providence offers numerous prominent attractions, including America’s first shopping mall- the Arcade, RISD Museum of Art, Brown University, Federal Hill, and more.

Savannah, Georgia

The Georgian delight-Savannah can be a perfect vacation destination for those looking for a budget-friendly option. Even with a stringent budget, one can have a memorable vacation experience in this coastal Georgian city. With the stunning coastal landscapes, beautiful cobblestone streets, well-preserved architecture, and the vibrant history of the historic district, and much more, the city has a lot to offer. Some prominent attractions of the city include Forsyth Park, Mercer-Williams House Museum, the Olde Pink House, and much more.

Tips to Save on Flight Tickets

Flexibility with the travel dates: Flight ticket prices significantly depend on the particular day of the week, time of the year, and holiday season. Generally, flying on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays can fetch you cheap flight tickets compared to Fridays and Sundays, which are supposed to be expensive in terms of airfare. 

Try opting for shoulder season: Avoiding the travel plan in the peak tourist seasons for a particular destination can guarantee a comparatively cheap airline ticket. Also, one should not expect cheap flights during conventional holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Day, or the Fourth of July. If you consider these points and plan your travel accordingly, there is a high probability of getting cheap flight tickets.

Flexibility with the time of day for flying: Try opting for unpopular hours like the early mornings or late nights. It increases the probability of getting cheap flight tickets. Most flights operational at convenient timings are expensive. So if you cannot change the date of your travel, you can probably think about choosing the odd flight timings to save big on your flight tickets.

Setting Price Alert: A great way to keep oneself updated when an airplane ticket price increases or decreases is by setting up Price Alerts. It is a great trick to keep track of changes in airfare as the flight prices keep on fluctuating regularly. By setting up the alert, one can conveniently book the tickets when there is a price drop. Even a little drop can lead to a big save, especially if the flight reservation is to be made for the entire family members.

Try opting for Budget Airline: Choose to fly on a budget airline to get the maximum possibility of grabbing cheap last-minute flight tickets, as the budget airline offers cheap last-minute flight deals more often than their counterparts.

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