New York Museums for Free!

New York Museums for Free!

Finding a cheap room in New York is no easy feat. If you’re a Backpacker and have been traveling for a while, this destination could really cut you to the bone, but it’s really not to be missed if you’re an art lover.

In fact, after eating hot dogs, we immediately began an intense cultural tour of the museums.
All the museums in New York have a particular day of the week or specific times where admission is totally free or only requires a donation which can be as little as one dollar. This, perhaps because the mayor of New York wants art to be affordable for everyone, however it takes a whole week to visit them all and without spending even a dime!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of museums with entry and payment specifics

«Il Met» – Il Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the largest museums in New York with a huge collection of artwork. You could easily spend a day admiring Greek, American, Asian and modern art treasures. Museums don’t loudly promote promotions but I can reveal that you can «pay what you want» at this museum. We dared to pay only one dollar each and got our tickets, hooray! (otherwise it would be $20 each, ouch).

MoMA – Museum of Modern Art

MoMA normally has an admission price of $20, but on Friday afternoon (4-8pm) admission is free and the guide is free. The museum may look crowded but the surface area is over 630,000 square feet of art exhibits on 6 floors and prints, photographs, paintings, sculpture, media and more. Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Mondrian, Warhol and his Gold Marilyn Monroe, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Rousseau, Pollock, Eva Hesse, are just some of the big names in the works on display.

The Guggenheim Museum

Admission is $18, but only on Saturdays from 5-8:00 you can pay what you want .
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the building itself is a work of art. The infill, rotunda inside and side galleries are devoted to abstract and semi-abstract paintings from the permanent collection of world-famous 20th century artists such as Picasso, Pissarro, Kandinsky, Pollock, De Kooning. Take the elevator upward for a unique experience: you can absorb the sense of this beautiful spiral structure while admiring some of the artworks .


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